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The Case of the Left-Handed Lady

The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (Enola Holmes Mysteries, #2)The Case of the Left-Handed Lady by Nancy Springer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great spin-off of Sherlock Holmes. Follows his younger sister as she makes her way on her own in London as a detective in her own right. In this edition she is trying to find a missing young woman from the aristocratic set. Did she run away to find her freedom from her stifiling life? Did she elope with the young man she recently met? Or was she kidnapped? Enola gets herself into many tight spots as she searches for the answer.

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Bad Monkey- Carl Hiaasen


I finished Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen a couple of days ago.  I really liked it.  Great summer read.  Hiaasen just has a way with the quirky mystery and I enjoy reading his brand of Florida-set story.

In this one, Andrew Yancey has gotten himself busted down to restaurant inspector from Miami detective after a few unfortunate choices.  After coming into possession of a severed arm, Yancey figures he might score a few points with his former boss if he can solve the mystery of who the arm belongs to and why someone might want him dead.

Throw in a suspicious, grieving widow, an attractive ME, and mysterious circumstances that stretch from the Florida Keys to the Bahamas- oh and the bad monkey- and you’ve got the makings of a laugh-out-loud, Hiaasen-brand mystery.  Great to take on vacation!

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