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Bad Monkey- Carl Hiaasen


I finished Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen a couple of days ago.  I really liked it.  Great summer read.  Hiaasen just has a way with the quirky mystery and I enjoy reading his brand of Florida-set story.

In this one, Andrew Yancey has gotten himself busted down to restaurant inspector from Miami detective after a few unfortunate choices.  After coming into possession of a severed arm, Yancey figures he might score a few points with his former boss if he can solve the mystery of who the arm belongs to and why someone might want him dead.

Throw in a suspicious, grieving widow, an attractive ME, and mysterious circumstances that stretch from the Florida Keys to the Bahamas- oh and the bad monkey- and you’ve got the makings of a laugh-out-loud, Hiaasen-brand mystery.  Great to take on vacation!


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